Grupo Los Grobo is the result of a long tradition in agriculture and farming in Latin America.
Our group of companies has been working and investing in the fertile farmlands of South America for generations.

Although each of our companies started its business in a different place: Processing our own wheat in Brazil, Los Grobo, Molinos Los Grobo and UPJ in Argentina, we share the same passion that transcends generations, nationalities and borders: farming and food production.

On the other hand, this geographical diversification allowed us to adapt crop production and agribusiness management to the most suitable context, which in the end gave us risk management expertise.

Los Grobo Agropecuaria was founded in 1984 by Argentine entrepreneur Adolfo Grobocopatel. In the 1990’s they were pioneers in organizing its network by dividing its activities into three major business areas: agricultural production, imputs and services sale. In 2001, it became the first agribusiness company in the world to be certified under ISO 9001 standards.

As from 2003, the company strengthened its internationalization process by reinforcing its presence in Brazil and Uruguay. From 2005 onwards it initiated a thorough growth so impressive that it was subject of study by the world’s leading universities, including Harvard.

In 2005, the group of companies added an industrial division to its products and services portfolio by establishing in Argentina Molino Chivilcoy in Chivilcoy and Rosario de Tala (Entre Rios), a miil and a flour producer and distributor in Brazil Los Grobo Agroindustrial do Brasil.

Today, Grupo Los Grobo is one of the largest grain producers and services providers in South America.