We see

Teamwork with open and sincere dialogue; people expressing their fears and expectations.

People doing business, creating companies.

Entrepreneurs solving their customers’ problems and extending their needs, thus adding value to their businesses.

Scientists exploring technological frontiers, increasing productivity and product quality.

Scientists searching for new findings, innovating, thus creating value for society from their lab. And we see ourselves taking these products to the country, creating value at the country.

More productive and committed Knowledge Workers, with more time to spare, delocalized, many of them working at home, under flexible timetables.

Happy people, with interior power, building future with empowerment.

People getting trained at work, thinking over the things they do every day, analyzing how to enhance their performance, discussing with their bosses, workmates and other team members the concepts that support and project the enhancement.

These workers expanding this way of doing business to the rest of the community, in the organizations to which they belong.

School cooperative associations, suburb clubs, NGOs, town politicians and the other companies change without hindrances.

These workers lead a civic-minded process; some of them from the interior, from the country and some others from the cities, transforming peoples’ beliefs, releasing them of their fears, thus fostering progress.

The development of bioenergy; we see biological drugs, healing food, bioplastics and we see that the urban waste disposed of by cities are no longer a problem; we see soy and corn being turned into animal proteins. Among other things, our region will be chicken, pork, cattle, fish, dairy products and their derivatives.

Higher grain production, with ups and downs in productivity, expanding the technological frontiers.

A territory in order, with preserved areas and native forests being turned into relevant and sustainable socioeconomic and environmental services.

Rural towns with high life-quality, education, housing, and services standards.

The cities as culture centers, trade centers, and service centers, fostering progress and articulating with globality.

The world distributors and processors choosing us as providers, because we are reliable, because they share our vision of business and life.

Grupo Los Grobo transferring its knowledge to the rest of the world, leading organizational and technological innovation in agribusiness.

The MERCOSUR providing the world with food.

The MERCOSUR because we do it, with Agrofina, with Los Grobo, UPJ, Canepa, becoming integrated in a regional company.

The FTAA, the EU, the Pacific Asia and every place and region in the world in which there might be interest or room for exchanges, trade.

Grupo Los Grobo and the network in which it takes part processing raw materials in the entire country and in the entire world, thus becoming horizontally and vertically integrated.
Our region starting up ahead, without looking back, on the basis of hope, equity, respect, integration, and solidarity.

Becoming the best environment for the development of people and their environment: for this purpose, we provide raw materials, services and information to the agrifood network.

We wish to be the best ally in the chain based on our ability to interpret and accept new paradigms and to turn ideas into innovative products and services.

Passion for doing,
Intelligence to realize,
Generosity to share,
Energy to take responsibility.

We work as a team, each one being responsible and having power.
Work teams listen to each other in cooperative processes to bring together a shared vision.
We settle conflicts by talking.
We adapt new technologies to be competitive.
We serve each of our customers in a very special way and we use our best efforts to develop processes that guarantee excellence and quality in our products and services. We are devoted to exploring new business opportunities in our country and abroad.
We work to get to know ourselves and others. We take care of ourselves. We respect ourselves. And we are focused on enhancing our skills to attain the objectives set over time.

Our network has a major leading position; leaderships entail responsibility.
Our next challenge is right ahead us
, in our everyday operations, looking from a distance but acting very close to be reached by our own hands.
Transferring our ideas and experiences in public discussions,
Visiting customers,
In everyday payments and collections,
Administrating paperwork and walking around the crops,
Sending and receiving trucks,
Selling a flour bag,
Taking part in corporate volunteership,
Our next challenge is right ahead us
, in our everyday operations, looking from a distance but acting very close to be reached by our own hands.

Acting with passion and enthusiasm,
with intelligence to realize,
with generosity to share.