We are one of the largest grain producers in Latin America according to data provided by big market players.

We undertake our production activities by using the best practices, farming techniques and available technology with the purpose of maximizing agricultural productivity. The cultural diversification and geographic distribution of our activities allow for an efficient and flexible farming system year round, even by applying crop rotation and a second harvest process (safrinha) in order to minimize the potential climatic risks of the region.

Production activity is performed according to an asset smart model in which nearly all the non perennial crops are farmed in rented properties or in partnership. We use short term contracts, and outsourced machinery for sowing, agrochemical application and harvesting processes. Thus, we take advantage of the market conditions, allowing for the reposition of the rural properties’ production capacity and a strategic search for highly demanded products. We hence maximize return on invested capital.

Moreover, land rental and agricultural partnership also allow for a better geographic mobility of production which, together with crop mobility, leads to a systematic, flexible and agile farming management. This model achieves larger economies of scale and a rapid increased of sowed area, as it is shown by the high growth rate of land farmed by Grupo Los Grobo.