Grupo Los Grobo’s main approach regarding its relation with stakeholders is sustainability, understood as a balance between business performance, environmental conservation and social responsibility. In this regard, we have defined a series of dimensions to ponder these relationships: shared responsibilities, mutual influence, proximity, dependence and representation. Based on this analysis, we have identified six main stakeholders, according to the incidence of those variables upon them: shareholders, employees, clients and suppliers, rural communities, government and civil society. Those are the subjects of all our Social Responsibility initiatives, and to whom we try to provide with share value and win-win situations. Grupo Los Grobo has also defined a series of analytic and practical practices in its relationship with them:

Dialogue process

We have created a series of committees in charge of the relationship with each stakeholder group. Their mission is to open dialogue and communication spaces to learn more about the stakeholder’s needs and expectations in regards of the company. Based on this knowledge, the committees should define policies and programs towards them. Moreover, they should establish measurable report and compliance mechanisms, as the sustainability report, and communicate its results.

Communication channel

Resguarda is a direct communication channel to keep in contact with the stakeholders that have a relationship with the company. They can inform any claim regarding a violation of ethical code, of the company’s practices and actions, or a deterioration of the working environment, among other key issues.

Management and Report tools

Grupo Los Grobo has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative as a management control instrument and a way of communicating its results to its stakeholders. Its main approach is sustainability in terms of a balance between business performance, environmental conservation and social responsibility. This report may be used in any part of the world where Grupo Los Grobo operates, hence standardizing information, creating transparency and allowing comparisons.

Analytical tools

Employees and customer satisfaction studies, focus groups, polls, multi stakeholders meetings, among others, are the analytical tools we use in order to measure our image within stakeholder groups.

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