We perform an antique and yet ageless activity which requires to be much in contact with nature. Being successful in this business on the long run implies being understanding and respectful towards the environment.

The ways of farming are ever changing. In fact, we led the so called revolution of South American agriculture since the mid 1980’s by applying state of the art technology and innovations to farming. No till seeding was one of our main techniques. Roughly speaking, it means sowing without having to turn the land over. Crop rotation as well as using the right inputs have also been key factors of our success.

We have been sharing this knowledge through the various networks we created. This allowed us to have a general understanding of the effects of agriculture on the environment, high elasticity to change and innovation, a reduced environmental impact approach and the use of impact control and monitoring tools.

The main objectives of our Environmental Policy are:

  • Respecting environmental legislation and making sure that other members of our network including suppliers respect it as well.
  • Introducing new technology and innovations to our production and industrial processes by achieving eco-efficiency, that is maximizing the utility of the relation produce/input while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Measuring the effects of every activity on the environment, registering and communicating them.
  • Promoting awareness and individual responsibility with regards to the importance of preserving the environment within our networks as well as in the communities, by engaging in different initiatives.

By doing so we expect to:

  • Carry out our activities in healthy environments with the necessary resilience to produce in a long run basis, providing benefits to present and future generations.
  • Construct friendly relationships with society as a whole.
  • Establish commercial relations with other organizations and companies with high environmental concern and transparency standards.
  • Obtain access to incentives given to responsible organizations in terms of their environmental concern practices and policies.