We are team workers who think that human cooperation and sharing are the pillars of progress. On top of that, we have trust in our products and services, and in our own way of doing things.

We are quality builders, and for that matter, we like following our products and services all through the production chain. We want to add value from Day 1 to the end of the process. We want our spirit to be present at the raw material production as well as at the finished product.

This is an example of how we bond the value chain: we have developed a powerful IT and Internet network to keep in touch and follow up their customers, to give them on line solutions to every need, not only building strong relationships with them but also creating a powerful network.

In Argentina, we make pasta, by integrating different links of chain: we grow the wheat, we turn it into flour at our milling companies like Molino Canepa, we make delicious pasta and sell it to retail stores.

Moreover, by bonding the value chain, we promote employment, industrialization and technology usage.