We believe that knowledge is our most valuable asset. There is nothing more empowering than knowing for it can make you the owner of your own destiny.

Take farming, for instance. You can sow without owning a piece of land but you cannot do it without knowing how.

25 years ago we started a way of doing things that led us all the way here: applying knowledge to farming. Now we are South America’s second leading producer. There were many people farming in South America when we started but a very, very few got this far.

Knowledge was our comparative and competitive advantage. But we still have a lot to learn.

We are part of the knowledge society and an active one. Education and training are vital to us. There is no other way to anticipate and adapt to a dynamic world and ever changing circumstances. That is why we encourage knowledge creation and sharing among all the members of our network.

It is the only way to learn and learning is the only way to grow. We want all our members to learn and teach us; we want them to grow and make us grow with them.