We are convinced that a company can’t succeed if it doesn’t share value with others. We encourage win-win situations in which every party should be happy with the outcome. That is the secret to sustainability.

Think of the environment, for example.
What is the use of taking advantage of natural resources without taking care of them at the same time? Besides being morally unacceptable, it is a very short term strategy. We want to do things right, and we want to do them on a long time basis. In other words, we want to be sustainable. And the only way of being sustainable is to share value.

Now, think of the members of our staff.
We want them to help us achieve our business plans but we also want them to achieve their personal goals.

Or think of the communities in which we operate.
We want them to give us support in terms of good transportation, education or health services. But we also want their citizens to have high levels of well being and happiness, and we know we can contribute to that purpose by encouraging entrepreneurship and healthy nutrition as well as by granting innovation.