In the face of the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization and the new "Industrial Green Revolution," also called the Bio-Economy, Grupo Los Grobo has spent the last few years reorienting its business towards a model that integrates more of the value chain through the creation of competitive, sustainable clusters and networks within its three main areas of business: services, production and industry.

Under this model, it produces agro-inputs through its company Agrofina SA, one of the few companies in the Mercosur with over 30 years of experience synthesizing and formulating high-value phytosanitary products at its plant in Zárate which includes a Research and Development (R&D) laboratory that is certified for GLP (Good Laboratory Practices).

The company's wide range of products has allowed it to develop formulas for regional crops like peanut, bean, cotton and sugar cane, as well as extensive crops like soybean, corn, wheat and sunflower.

To create these products, it synthesizes and formulates more than 40 active ingredients, and has registered more than 110 patents for cutting-edge agrochemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, seed treatments, insecticides, phytoregulators and co-adjuvant substances, that are sold locally and throughout the region.

With an eye to the future, Agrofina SA has undertaken the development of a new generation of high value-added phytosanitary products through the application of new technologies that allow it to obtain products that are more efficient and have a smaller impact on the environment.