By producing dried pasta, Grupo Los Grobo seeks to diversify its production, in order to develop higher value added goods.

The Group entered the milling activity in 2001 through the acquisition of a mil in Bahia Blanca. Four years later, it purchased Molinos Canepa, and in March 2010 it acquired Rosario del Tala mill, whose strategic location allows to reach the Brazilian market by rail.

In Brazil, the Group operates the Angasil mill, located in the State of São Paulo. The flour produced both Argentina and Brazil is exported and distributed to several South American countries.

The industrial division of Grupo Los Grobo has two essential competitive advantages: assured supply and access to high quality wheats. The integration of the entire value chain of wheat is another advantage.

Commitment to quality

Canepa mill operates under strict quality standards. Today is certified by ISO International Standard 22000: 2005 and its annex Pas 220:2008. It has also developed international standards which follow the principles of "Hazard Analysis and Determination of Critical Control Points" (HACCP), as well as Good Manufacturing Practices, in order to ensure food safety.

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