>  A message from the chairman
We, as businesspeople, have a historical chance to undertake an extraordinary mission: To boost, from our places, a “Society of Hope”.

Nowadays, we live within a dynamic technological convergence which produces profound transformations. The economy’s “financiarization” grants deepness and velocity to this process; and we, human beings, face new tensions and dilemmas: consolidate ourselves as individuals, be more autonomous and more creative. However, at the same time, we need to act within networks, be part of collaborative and diverse structures, i.e. “work with others”, be a system. Thus, paradoxically, our time demand us to be individuals acting collectively.

These profound and speedy transformations give us a sensation of fear of the future, deriving into uncertainty and insecurity, which spurs our necessity to maximize present wellbeing and sometimes actually brings us to a desperate and pernicious short-termism. Therefore, our challenge is to socially spread something that we know very well: How to develop tools and confidence in ourselves, how to live and negotiate with uncertainty finding opportunities, adjusting things on the go, while learning in every step we take and creating from our daily experience a real manual of knowledge, forever under construction.

The society perceives that, we, businesspeople, can help identifying and creating opportunities, being more of us, but also more for the others.

Only being a collection of individuals organized in groups and being each one personally active, we will be able to be a part of the group driving transformations, and not just being pushed without direction or light. That is why, we should not act on the consequences of problems, since, at that point, it is too late in this world where time is not neutral. We should act on the causes of the problems and be part of the construction, hand in hand with governments, the state and civilians, of the solutions anticipating their own time. If we are determined to act on the causes, we will find the purpose of our work, our existence, our actions and we will be builders of the future.

Our purpose as businesspeople should be aligned with our purpose as human beings. Integrity is a substantial value for today entrepreneurs. Our purpose should be to make a society with more wellbeing and dignity.

For all these reasons, global entrepreneurs have this deep and secret mission: To create a system following a purpose, the transformation of the society of fear into a society of hope.

Further, there are good news for our objective, “The Society of Hope”, since it is based on new, cleaner and more integrative industrial processes. These processes occur within plants which are the new factories of this green industrial revolution. Furthermore, plants will produce many of the processes which once required factories with chimneys or were run on fossil fuel. Plants will not only produce food but also energy, bioplastics, medicines, industrial enzymes.
These processes will be improved by the convergence of nanotechnology, robotics and aero spatial technologies, together with the new generation of information technology and collaborative economies. Moreover, this part of the revolution will occur in the farms, in rural areas, differing from the industrial revolution which extended over big cities, establishing urbanism at the center of transformations. We are at the front doors of a world in which the direction of migrations will revert in accordance with the new natural intelligence.

In a nutshell: the future is in the farms. In Los Grobo, we work, every day, to be actors and protagonists of our time, building a global quality platform, with regional outreach, deeply rooted in the communities in which it works, engaged in sustainable and inclusive development and ready to revise and innovate over the concepts sustaining it, with excellence and courage.

This sustainability report intends to integrate and reflect all initiatives related to Los Grobo sustainability. This report is also a tool with which the company ratifies, sustains and promotes its commitment towards the Principles of the Global Pact, to which Los Grobo adheres since2006. We hope our effort significantly contributes to the achievement of said principles.

I also hope this document allows us to disclose our way of working and, at the same time, that it be a humble way of thanking and paying tribute to all those who made all this possible.
Gustavo Grobocopatel
Chairman of Grupo Los Grobo
This report is based on indicators related to environmental, social, economic, and financial aspects of LOS GROBO AGROPECUARIA S.A. (from now on LGA).
Chapter 1, Profile, provides general information on the Corporate Group to which LOS GROBO AGROPECUARIA S.A. belongs.

"To be a world's leading company within the agribusiness chain, regarding products, services, and knowledge and to be oriented towards the development and well-being of people and their environment. We want to add value to businesses, transform dreams into sustainable value, and build up the future all together".

"To create the best context for the development of people and their environment, providing commodities, services, and information to the agribusiness network. We aim at becoming the best ally in the chain, due to our capacity to interpret and accept new paradigms and turn ideas into innovative products and services".

  • Passion for doing.
  • Intelligence to become aware.
  • Generosity to share.

Our organizational values come from our family values; And, nowadays, they represent the result of consensus within the whole organization. Values are reviewed every year by the Board of Directors and, then, transmitted through various integration activities (corporate areas' meetings, induction courses, work committees), as well as, by relating attitudes and strategies to values and communication. Furthermore, values are mainly present in everyday lexicon.
La forma de trasmisión de los valores, es a través de diversas actividades de integración (reuniones de áreas corporativas, cursos de inducción, comités de trabajo), así como por medio de comunicaciones, pero fundamentalmente es parte de la jerga cotidiana, y de relacionar actitudes y estrategias con valores.

  • To be ecologically responsible, taking care of the planet, using and promoting production systems which provide better yields and increase productive capacity and soil value.
  • To respect internationally recognized human rights, to be an open company for an open society, focused on people's well-being, thus, protecting people' and Grupo Los Grobos’ interests.
  • To foster the development of individuals within the network increasing their employability, training them.
  • To promote compliance with rules and regulations in force within the value chain.
  • To generate good communication and consistent information. To offer the network members and stakeholders Knowledge and opportunities by creating spaces for spreading them.
  • To participate in the public arena where actual proposals for the benefit of society are agreed.
For LGA, sustainable economic development is attained in a context which integrates the economic growth of the company to the economic growth of the Stakeholders (GDI, in Spanish) who are also members of its network. In this sense, the company must foster the creation of transparent and predictable institutional environments to prevent opportunism and uncertainty and to promote value addition. The slogan “Together, we add value” is a statement of our principles which must permanently guide our business strategies.

Thus, our priority is to generate businesses that contribute to the long-term economic development of the company, its stakeholders and all the regions in which the company operates. To achieve this, we stand on transparent relationships, strict contract performance, compliance with rules and regulations in force, aiming at long-term commercial relationships which make it easier to achieve competitive businesses.
LGA focuses management on people and their well-being, as well as, on sharing knowledge which is the foundation of competitiveness in the agri-food sector, because we are aware of the fact that the development, growth, and professionalization of the company depend on the people who make the company. Labor practices and policies, working ethics, training and professional development programs seek to foster equal opportunities and raise employment rates in the communities where Los Grobo operates. The area of Talent Management (GT, in Spanish) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the objectives of the whole organization.
GT adopts all necessary measures to protect workers from any violent acts within the workplace, including psychological and physical violence, harassment and threats. This area guarantees the effectiveness of procedures for complaints, claims, and reports, by coordinating a Committee of Ethics.
This area guarantees a decent salary for every employee of the organization, according to the market salaries of similar positions and companies. GT must ensure compliance with employee's rights, guaranteeing paid annual vacations, as well as, paid sick, maternity/paternity and study leaves, together with other benefits as provided by the national laws, plus any further benefits the company voluntarily offers to employees. GT must ensure that weekly working hours are limited to 48, that overtime working hours be voluntary, justified and do not exceed 12 hours in a week, and that employees have reasonable and sufficient breaks.
Moreover, GT ensures respect for employees' privacy in gathering and keeping private information, making sure that this information is directly provided by the person involved and that said information is used only for corporate legal purposes and that the employee knows for what purposes he/she provides the information.
LGA developed a superb environmental model utilizing a multidisciplinary and transversal management approach. The strategy aims at developing a high adaptability production system seeking improvement in environmental performance by diminishing impact and continuous improvement of environmental management, without neglecting crops' productivity. This approach was possible due to permanent adoption of technology, production of knowledge, formation of networks to share and spread information, as well as, teamwork and the continual training of employees.
The management strategy concerning society is oriented to create frameworks which allow establishing clear rules for all crucial Stakeholders of the company. As well as, contributing to generate social capital and mitigating any risks of human and social rights infringement, or any other violation of rules and regulations in force, or corruption. Daily management is based on an internal
control system, which means that all measures (policies and procedures set forth to protect the company assets, minimize chances of fraud and corruption, increase operative efficiency and optimize the quality of economic/financial information. As regard to the scope, we include shareholders, employees or any other individual who may cause co-responsibility situations as a result of their actions.
This annual report corresponds to the period between 07/01/2014 and 03/30/2015. The presentation cycle of this report is annual, and this is the first to be done by applying GRI guidelines, version G4.

Contacts for this report are:

Sustainability Coordinator

The Annual Report 13/14 was submitted in the month of September of the year 2014. All information included in this Report was gathered from and corresponds to the operation of LOS GROBO AGROPECUARIA S.A. operating under the following legal name and form:

Legal Domicile: Av. Corrientes 123 - Piso 3°, C1043AAB, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.